Our Vision

Our vision is that every child leaving one of our schools will be independent, resilient and curious, with a confident and optimistic outlook on life. We are committed to providing excellent educational opportunities that best represent the expectations and ambitions of the parents and families whose children we teach. Central to this vision is our philosophy of teaching through active and enquiry-based learning, so encouraging inquisitiveness, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our students.

Our Mission

To provide leading education services within all levels of the Zambian education system through the provision of outstanding technical support, curriculum development, management and training. At Educore, the students are always our first concern. Everything we do is aimed at helping them to make the best progress possible. For this reason our objective will always be to continually develop best practice in teaching and learning, and to have a positive impact on the standard of teaching in Zambia as a whole.

Our Values


We are responsible to each other and to our stakeholders and as such, all of our activities demonstrate self- reliance, honesty, tolerance, mutual respect and care for a sustainable environment. We take pride in imparting these attributes to our people and promoting an upstanding lifestyle with a healthy balance between work, family, enjoyment and personal needs.


We respect all faiths, beliefs, values and cultures and the environment whilst embracing our diversity and common humanity.


We take time to reflect on our achievements and challenges by thoughtfully considering our experiences and what we have learned. We build on our strengths and use our mistakes as opportunities to improve in every area of our operation.


We are led by the principles of trustworthiness, justice, empathy and loyalty with a profound sense of respect for all people and honour in all matters.


We inspire our people to be creative and responsive to an ever-changing environment, by providing relevant opportunities for innovation and growth. We encourage our people and our students to be lifelong learners who are ever-prepared for a diverse, multifaceted and increasingly technological world.


We foster a purposeful existence through a culture of diligence and independence, embedding the principles of entrepreneurship, self-reliance and rigour, underpinned by a sense of determination and courage, whilst emphasising the value of teamwork.